Exhibition "Crossroads"

Exhibition "Crossroads"

Sofia - a crossroads of three creative souls. A crossroad that will bravely cross our life paths, that will lead us on the endless road of art, that will dip us into the abysm of thousands of cross-colors, colors, artistic vision and endless creative pursuits. That is what the authors of the exhibition "Crossroads" promised us. As its title is unusual, so unusual are the participants in the exhibition - each of them unusual, provocative in its own way, in a different whims and ideas. The "Crossroads" crossed "artistic swords" of artists Evgenia Marincheva - Jen, Emilia Nikolova and Krasimira Ilcheva. Proof of this is their artistic career, which makes an impression that they intersect thoughts and words, poetry and prose, emotion and color, fine lines and brave layering of paint, materials, shapes and themes. The result is not only an inspiration that comes true, but a long dream realized. Authors have worked on predefined themes where each of them not only reveals herself, but also allows the viewer to enter her internal world to absorb the soul of the pictures and to take pleasure from contact with something new, unusual and mostly personal experiences. Evgenia, Emilia and Krasimira bravely crossed topics such as love, faith, peace, hope, movement, transformation, universe, rebirth, inspiration, truth and trinity. The culmination of their creative incarnation was found in the subject "Me" - but "Me" not as selfloving but as spiritual growth as life-demand, as an endless human curiosity.

At the exhibition "Crossroads" Evgenia Marincheva - Jen introduced us paintings created in her dreams. The author transferred freedom of dream in color and enigmatic forms. Feeling this freedom, the viewer could be carried over and dipped in the world of her work. Another is the atmosphere in which we dipped by the pictures of Emilia Nikolova. There we could catch the fine details of nature, delicate curves of the female body, the expression of the intertwining stories of mystical and provocative. Krasimira Ilcheva surprised visitors by the collision of fantasy and reality, with the fire of colors and complex combination of open abstract compositions with deep human insight and its expressive evocation in different ideas, but each of them in dependance of set topics.

The exhibition is a part of Art House "EmiliaArt" Charity project "For Another Child's Smile".

The artworks of Evgenia Marincheva - Jen, Emilia Nikolova and Krasimira Ilcheva were exhibited in center-studio "Nikolai Shmirgela" at: 30, "Gen. Parensov" Str., Sofia (on the corner of Blvd. "Evlogy Georgiev) since 22 September till September 30, 2014. Many connoisseurs of art, together with the three artists had the chance to walk hand in hand trough the crossroads of an exciting, provocative and different art.

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