Charity Exhibition "Give a hand to Tatiana!"

Charity Exhibition "Give a hand to Tatiana!"

The exhibition was held to help treatment of little Tatiana Mishtenko, who this year is nine years old. She needs extremely important to her rehabilitation in Poland, but to leave she needs € 5,500 that are prohibitive to collect from her mother Maria.

The child was born normal, she had a twin sister who, unfortunately, died on the fifth day after birth, Tatiana survived but with serious health problems.

Tatiana has cerebral palsy with quadriparesis, hydrocephalus and symptomatic epilepsy. Tatiana has an extreme desire to walk.

The funds raised from the sale will go for much needed rehabilitation to Tatiana.

Paintings for the exhibition provided artists Atanas Stoyanov, Zheko Stoyanov, Aneta Kraeva Roger Kraev Rumen Statkov Emilia Nikolova, Yordan ANgelov, Laura Ianeva, Dobrin Vytev, Prof. Hristo Tsatsinov, Veselin Damianov - Ves, Galya Ivanova, Elena Arnaudova.

His dresses donated Burgas runner "Miss Bulgaria 2013" Daniela Angelova.

The exhibition is a part of Art House "EmiliaArt" Charity project "For Another Child's Smile".

The event in pictures