Burgas Passions of Emilia Nikolova fill Art Gallery "Iskra 4"

Burgas Passions of Emilia Nikolova fill Art Gallery "Iskra 4"

Emilia Nikolova was born in Bourgas, where there are born a galaxy of artists - painters, poets, musicians. Perhaps not only the sea is the main "culprit" of her need to draw, write poems and books, ie to create? One of the answers will be given tomorrow in the Art Gallery "Iskra 4", Kaznalak with the exhibition of the artist.

Her first touch with the art dates back more than 30 years, ie from her first meetings with the teachers from the National School of Plastic Arts and Design "Academic Dechko Uzunov", Kazanlak. Then her love to the science subsequently takes her to the University "St. Kliment Ohridski ", Sofia, where she defended his doctoral thesis under the" Public communications and information science "specialty" Journalism and Public Relations at the UNESCO Chair "Communication and Public Relations". Emilia Nikolova holds three master's degrees in "Public Relations", "Counseling Psychology" and "Social Activities". She specializes in the field of public communication, especially in the field of Art and PR management of arts organizations. She has a lot of additional trainings in communication in a multicultural environment at colleges in London, United Kingdom. Some of her professors were Pantazis Iordanidis, MD, Ph. D., Department of Nutrition, Thessaloniki, Greece; Tom Borcovec, Penn State University; Paul Wheble, London.

Emilia Nikolova is an author of several books, and currently is preparing the issue of her sixth book and her first collection of poems. Nikolova is the author of dozens of scientific articles published in a number of Bulgarian and International scientific journals and over 150 poems.

Emilia Nikolova is the creator and owner of Art House "EmiliaArt", specialized in the distribution and strengthening the image and creative achievements of a number of contemporary Bulgarian writers and artists in the field of fine and applied art. Currently Emilia Nikolova is a creative manager and director of "Public Relations" in "Ares Consult" Ltd., Bourgas - a company specialized in the field of interactive design, advertising, unconventional and innovative web solutions and building a complete corporate identity. This is another one of the places where the artist and the artist in her experimenting, creating and developing new projects and to transforming them into finished artistic products.

Emilia Nikolova prefers working with oil, but often embarks on a creative adventure through the use of soft pastel - also her favorite material. The author has many solo exhibitions and participation in a lot of joint creative expressions. Paintings of Emilia Nikolova invariably are at a number of charities, both in its native city and in other cities. Copyright works by the artist are owned by connoisseurs of art from Mexico, USA, Turkey, UK, Russia, etc.

The website where you can see her scientific work is: http://www.proconsultbg.com

Emilia Nikolova is a member of the "Union of Bulgarian Journalists", the "Union of Free Writers in Bulgaria" and the Association of Women Entrepreneurs "Selena".