Art Project "When women create, cities come alive"

Art Project "When women create, cities come alive"

Art House "EmiliaArt" initiated the project "When women create, cities come alive" in order to promote creativity in the lives of contemporary Bulgarian wonam. The project provides bringing together the creative energy of different women - authors of works of art and presentation of various techniques, methods, styles, methods of construction and presentation of the author's own attitude to the beauty in life, to any worldly inspiration to the personal style and unconventionality.

The project "When women create, cities come alive" started with the exhibition "She, the woman, love and inspiration", presented at the Gallery "Pomorie" in Pomorie in August 2013. For two weeks, residents and numerous visitors, had the opportunity to see about 25 paintings of Bourgas artist Emilia Nikolova, dedicated to the mystique and beauty of the Bulgarian women - traced through the various stages of its development from ancient times till today. The great interest in Bulgarian woman as an artist, has become a cause for search of other ways to periodically inform the public about the desire of the Bulgarian woman to born love, translated into different kinds of art, to create beauty and wanting to share it.

The project provides each year, on the eve of March 8th, in the city of Burgas to be organized an artistic performance, including painting, music, poetry, fine arts and etc., with the participation of artists from Burgas region and other cities all over the country, not only because in Burgas were born and continue to be born hundreds of famous poets, musicians, artists and actors but also because the institutions, the media and the public in our city has consistently proven that when we are together when we help each other, when join hands, we can make our city alive, real, breathing, birthing beauty and never-ending inspiration.

The aim of the project "When women create, cities come alive" is to promote the artistry in the woman - an artist, that in difficult times like today is particularly necessary. The beauty in women's art is an occasion not only the sea to be our inspiration, not only our eternal haven, not only cities to "come alive" , but to show that the woman is the one who can fulfill their cultural life with a new spirit and optimism, with new energy, with a new exciting beauty, with more sense of everything colorful, creative and artistic that surrounds us everyday and for that our senses are still not sensitive enough.

Each year all Burgas media, who appreciate the cultural development of our city, and in particular women's presence in it will be invited. Subsequent coverage will be monitored and evaluated by a committee composed of representatives of the Municipality and the most active participants in them. At the end of the project (2020), the last exhibition organized under the slogan "When women create, cities come alive", the media reflected in fullest and most attractive way of all events held during the year will be awarded with a plaque/certificate and original picture of the owner of the Art House "EmiliaArt", as an organizer. It is stipulated awarding of second and third prizes, also according to the discretion of the committee.

The project includes the development of a catalog (unique original book), which will present not only photos of the events over the years, but the thoughts and opinions of all participants and guests who wish to share their impressions for the role of contemporary Bulgarian art. After completion of the project the unique book will be donated to the Municipality of Bourgas.

Planned duration of the project "When women create, cities come alive" is seven years - from 2013 till 2020.

Project Events:

Poetry book presentation and exhibition "Tender Horizons", 22.06.2015 - 30.06.2015, Cultural Center "Morsko Kazino", Bourgas

Exhibition "Passions and Contrasts", 23.04.2015 - 08.05.2015, Art Gallery "Iskra 4", Kazanlak

Exhibition "Five Sea Fairy Tales", 18.09.2014 - 30.09.2014, Art Gallery "Industrialna 11", Sofia

Exhibition "When Women Create, Cities Come Alive", 06.03.2014 - 20.03.2014, Cultural Center "Morsko Kazino", Bourgas

Exhibition "She, the Woman - Love and Inspiration", 19.07.2013 - 04.08.2013, Gallery "Pomorie", Pomorie

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